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When she was a student, Mitsumi had many relationships. She was even called a slut by others. But since getting married, she has completely changed. Married to a gentle, kind husband and became a full-time housewife. Mitsumi enjoys the most peaceful time of her life. But everything was disturbed when her husband had to go away on business. Previously he told her he would come home once a month, but because of work, now he can only come home once a year. While her husband was away, Mitsumi's sexual desire reached its limit. At this time, her husband's family went on a trip. Because they wanted Kazu-kun to continue studying, she asked Mitsumi to look after him for a few days. As expected, he is a hard-working boy. As soon as he arrived home, he immediately rushed to study. Because Mitsumi was quite young, he wanted to call her older sister, and Mitsumi happily agreed. Because her excitement had reached its limit, Mitsumi immediately came up with a daring thought... seducing this naive, virginal nephew to satisfy her sexual craving! Thinking of doing it, Mitsumi deliberately exposed her underwear in front of Kazu, but the boy just looked and did nothing. Next, she even took off her underwear, revealing her mysterious cleavage in front of her nephew. But the results still didn't yield anything. However, she succeeded in making the fledgling nightingale raise its head. At night, she was determined to get Kazu's virginity, quietly went into the room and seduced him! Mitsumi's plan was successful, but she awakened the sexual monster inside Kazu! He wasn't satisfied with just one shot, ejaculating over and over again, Kazu didn't even want to wear a condom, continuously ejaculating all of his seed inside his lustful aunt.

MEYD-787 The love story of their nephew and his lonely aunt
 Movie Code: MEYD-787 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: An Mitsumi